With a focus on mining, construction, minerals processing, contracting, rail lubrication and heavy industries Wear Parts Services can supply from any of the following product ranges:

Air Sentry

Contamination causes most machinery wear related failures. Air Sentry Breathers prevent water contamination and filter out particulate contaminates as small as two microns.

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Baldwin Filters

Baldwin Filters has been making lube filters for over seventy years. With filters for heavy-duty and off highway automotive applications, Baldwin has the coverage and quality you demand.

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Blademaster cutting edges, end bits and overlays are manufactured to the highest standard. Parts are available for all leading makes of equipment in both traditional carbon steel and in heat treated boron steel, meeting or exceeding the O.E.M’s specification and quality controlled to ISO9001 certification. WPS is the exclusive Australian Distributor for Blademaster products. We hold stocks of a wide range of these high quality boron steel components in standard thicknesses as well as heavy duty, hard faced and complete machine kit forms.

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With over 120 years of experience the Conoco brand of products has a rich history of proven technological expertise and product development. The Conoco product family includes engine oils, transmission fluids, automotive gear lubricants, industrial lubricants and grease all designed to provide equipment protection, performance and long life customers expect from their equipment.

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Digga Augers

Diggas’ Augers are 100% Australian Manufactured with 29yrs experience in drilling design and technology. Digga provide the most extensive range of post hole diggers to suit your individual requirements. Light Industrial to Heavy Duty. Single cut, Double cut and Fully-Flighted Augers available. Custom made Augers of all types with most styles of teeth available upon request. Tree Augers and Hole Cleaner Augers are also available.

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A combination of high chromium white iron metallurgically bonded to a mild steel backing plate, Domite® has established a reputation as the solution for impact and high abrasion in the mining and quarrying industries. Custom Dolmite® parts can be designed to user’s specifications. Long-life Domite® offers extreme protection for extreme applications resulting in increased production, less down time and reduced costs. WPS has distributed Domite composite wear products since 1984. We have extensive experience in its cost effective application on buckets, chute liners, crushers and dredges in mining, construction and material handling. Call us for a quotation today.

Whitmore Lubricants

The Whitmore Group, consisting of The Whitmore Manufacturing Company, KATS Coatings, Horizon Lubricants and Air Sentry, is a leader in creating component protection technology through the manufacturing of specialized lubricants, coatings, sealants, and contamination control breathers with broad product application for a variety of industries.

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Whitmore Rail

Whitmore Rail is committed to working together with the rail industry to develop the best in rail lubrication creating the perfect balance between technical innovation, cost, reliability and practicality.

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Technogenia’s complete line of high performance tungsten carbide-based anti-wear hardfacing products will help you to find the best solution for effectively eliminating your abrasion problems.

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Our range of products and services is continually expanding to meet customer needs.
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